Margarita Antoniades

"I remember my classes at Dance Works 20 years ago like yesterday. Clare’s energy and enthusiasm for dance were inspiring. I continued to dance all through my undergraduate studies, medical school, residency and the beginning of medical practice – until I had my first child and I intend to go back to it as soon as my 3 kids are up for it. Thank-you Clare!"

Carmen Duncan

"Wishing you all a wonderful reunion and sending you my love. I remember my time at Dance Works with the fondest memories as you all touched my heart in so many ways, and I feel truly honored to have had the privilege of working with such a talented group of young people and an inspirational Director. I will never forget any of you! Love and hugs, Miss Carmen xxx"

Chloe Brydges

"I have so many fond and wonderful memories of being a part of the Dance Works family. It’s hard to say that one thing best describes my time there. My fondest memories are all full of laughter and smiles. Dance Works is so much more than a dance studio, it’s a place where children feel safe and secure to be the best version of themselves and real relationships and bonds are made. This studio and everyone involved will always have a special place in my heart. xx"

Christiana Hartsiotis

"Dance Works opened the little hidden door to a whole new world for me - it unlocked the magical dancing world! every single lesson was filled with joy, happiness and new challenges to overcome, just like going on a treasure hunt. :) "

Amanda Iacovidou

"Dance Works is my best and unforgettable school of life. There I learnt how to think, feel and express. 15 years of the most enjoyable period of my life- and creation of long life friendships- a second family. "

Zoe Georgalli

"At Dance Works I learned to be confident, independent and hard working. My love for dance became stronger with the enthusiasm and love given to us from the great teachers there. The lessons I gained form my teacher Clare have stayed with me in my training and I can still hear her voice in my head while dancing."

Anna Papaxanthou

"As a dance student, Dance Works was home to me, a safe place where I could release all my thoughts and worries through dance. Clare is my true inspiration. She has touched me forever, teaching directly from her heart, showing me that anything is possible through hard work, determination and a passion to do what you love. "

Galatia Savva

”To touch, to move, to inspire. That is the true gift of dance” – Audrey Lynch

"A teacher must possess many qualities- firmness and softness, patience, perseverance and sturdiness….but above all is the love for children, a burning desire to train them up-both weak & strong. And creativity in ones approach to ones task is above all. You gave me life when you taught me how to dance and I love you for it."