Panayiotis Soteriou


Panayiotis was born and raised in Nicosia Cyprus. At the age of 8 he begun his first Hip Hop classes at Rebel Dancers Academy Nicosia and while growing up he got involved in more street styles like Locking, Popping and Bboying. By the age of 16 he started teaching commercial dance at Rebel Dancers Academy and later on taught at other renowed dance schools in Nicosia like Panos Metaxopoulos Dance Factory and Danceworks School of Ballet. His creativity led him to choreograph multiple shows and events for instance Greendot, TV commercials for Cyta and promotions such as the Step Up movie, as well as a short film by Maria Mitsie. He also choreographed and danced for greek singers like Stikoudi, Nevma Stan and even worldwide stars like Florida. 
Panayiotis decided to join Ballet, Jazz and Musical theatre classes and a year later in 2014, he moved to London for further dance studies at one of the leading musical theatre colleges of the UK, Bird College. In college he had the opportunity to put up performances in Dance, Singing and Acting and also participated in external events like Move it. In his third year, Panayiotis also had featured role in the Musical Damn Yankees playing the part of Bouley. 

After graduating, Panayiotis moved to Miami Florida, USA to work with Carnival Cruise Lines, performing musical productions while travelling around the Carribean, Bahamas and Mexico. Panayiotis is currently based in Sydney Australia with Carnival Cruise Lines and pursues his dream of performing.